Thursday, November 14, 2013

Countdown to Jamaica

It's officially one month until our romantic trip to Jamaica!  Me and the fiance had talked about taking a winter trip this past spring, BEFORE we were engaged.  After he popped the question, I was still on board to taking a little R&R from work/weddingplanning/winter/life.  Some people think we are nuts for taking a trip right in the middle of our year engagement and only 6 months from our wedding, but let me give you and idea of why it should be a good idea to take a vacation in this scenario:

  1. Because it's a trip to Jamaica!
  2. A break from wedding planning.  It'll be impossible to plan in another  country with no contact with our vendors, so this is a great way to catch a break!
  3. A break from work.  We both work full time and we both work hard.  Last vacation we had together alone was 1.5 years ago, though we've taken time to visit with my family and vacation with his.  We need this for 'us'.
  4. A break from cold weather.  We are active, outdoorsy people.  We like to hike, run, be outside.  Winter gives us both seasonal depression.  So this is a great way to make it through the winter.
  5.  Time alone with my fiance.  Wedding planning is time consuming and isn't necessarily just including me and the fiance- constant talking with vendors, hearing everyone's constant opinions, etc.  Also, he's in school so he spends a lot of time working on school work.  He'll be done with work for the semester so this will be a great opportunity for a break for him.
Some downers about our trip:
  1. I love the Christmas season.  We will be away from all the seasonal excitement for over a week.
  2. I'm losing precious days to Christmas shop!
  3. Missing Christmas Parties.
  4. Guaranteed sunburn(for me-not him)
Needless to say, the positives still outweigh any negatives.  It's not like we will be missing Christmas! I'm planning on decorating the weekend after Thanksgiving. It's our engagement-moon. Holla!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November to-do List

I've been slacking.  Slacking hard.  Time to get serious and get some stuff off the ever growing to-do list.  (I don't want this to be a wedding blog, but we are getting behind, so I threw a few on there as well.  Forgive me?) And nothing like writing a to-do list on day 6 of the month?  AHH!
  1. Book a videographer - because fiance wants to remember our reception; maybe he's planning on drinking?
  2. Book a DJ - because I wanna dance at my wedding *\o/* cha-cha!
  3. CLEAN the house - Ugh because it's gross and I want to get a handle on things so it will be more about mainanence instead of CONTANTLY trying to pu things away.  I wish everything would have a home and get put back there, -sigh- wishful thinking?
  4. PARTAY at our friendsgiving/MY BIRTHDAY party - Self explanatiory, but last year we had one at my aparmtent for my birthday/gradaution/friends givng.  Maybe this will be an annual thing?
  5. Decorate for Christmas - we are vacationing in early december so decorating for the Holidays should get done at the end of November, hopefully
  6. Put up Christmas Lights  - see above and before it gets too chilly! HAH let's see if the fiance helps with THIS! :)
  7. Maybe design christmas cards/gift for our family - Can't get into too much detail, don't want to give it away!
  8. Hardcore Black-Friday/Cyber-Monday shopping. BRING IT.
  9. Finish installing/making curtains for the bay window, hem the kitchen curtains, and do something about the closet in our room(no doors is getting to be an eye sore)
These are all things I could try to manage by myself(minus hanging outside Christmas Lights) without annoying the fiance to death while he finishes up this semesters work for his grad program.  I think it could be achievable! ~Positive Vibes~ ~Ommm~

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween, or is it?

FACT: I do not like Halloween.  There, I said it.  To be honest, it's probably the number one holiday of the year I could do without.  Bring on the Thanksgiving Turkey, Christmas time with the carols, even Memorial Day and Labor Day get my love, but it just is not happening with Halloween.  Maybe it's the fact that I absolutely HATE scary movies and I hate when people jump out to scare me.  I think it is so rude and just mean!

It might have started in college, where everyone got into comedic, sexy, ironic costumes when I probably wanted to join them on the festivities, however, I always ended up with an exam, midterm, some project due the day or coming days after Halloween.  Just a dedicated Math nerd. And honestly who wants to go out with limited clothes on when it's pretty cold out??  I'd rather be nice in warm in a sweater and jeans thankyouverymuch.

Still after graduation the dislike continues.  I don't feel the urge to dress up tonight, but me and the fiance DID go to a Halloween party this weekend where we were VERY decked out.  However it was more a beer tasting good food party, much more my speed, and I wore my regular clothes, just dresss up with some facepaint!  Hello not being cold!!

I'll be at home tonight handing out candy to the kiddos in my jeans and sweater NOT scaring the babies.  Fiance will be helping out with his sister and brother in laws haunted house(apparently it's optional, you can still do the traditional route of knocking at the door and get candy that way)

I found this video on breaking the stigma of women(and their costumes) but it stops before slut-shaming(which I'm typically very guilty of).

I sound like a brat, but just bring on my birthday and Turkey day! YUM!