About me

Hi! This is me:
This is my main man:
And this is my crazy cat, Rosie:

I'm just your typical girl, who picked up reading blogs as a hobby.  Two years later, when I finished my Masters degree, and enough push from that handsome fellow up there, I decided to get moving on making my own!  I was born in the burbs, grew up in the country and moved back to the burbs after college to be a 'grown up', but the burbs feel a lot more urban now, go figure.  Three years later, I'm still figuring out my life, making my little rental a home and exploring my area(I have TWO cities!).

Some fun things about me I love bright obnoxious nail polish, prints make me smile so bring on the polka dots, live music! and I can throw a mean football.

I still have no idea what I'm doing and half the time I embarrass the hell out of my self.  But I love life and hopefully this blog will get me off my lazy bum and get me doing something!  I'm thrilled that you'll come along with me!

Thanks for stopping by!

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