Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November to-do List

I've been slacking.  Slacking hard.  Time to get serious and get some stuff off the ever growing to-do list.  (I don't want this to be a wedding blog, but we are getting behind, so I threw a few on there as well.  Forgive me?) And nothing like writing a to-do list on day 6 of the month?  AHH!
  1. Book a videographer - because fiance wants to remember our reception; maybe he's planning on drinking?
  2. Book a DJ - because I wanna dance at my wedding *\o/* cha-cha!
  3. CLEAN the house - Ugh because it's gross and I want to get a handle on things so it will be more about mainanence instead of CONTANTLY trying to pu things away.  I wish everything would have a home and get put back there, -sigh- wishful thinking?
  4. PARTAY at our friendsgiving/MY BIRTHDAY party - Self explanatiory, but last year we had one at my aparmtent for my birthday/gradaution/friends givng.  Maybe this will be an annual thing?
  5. Decorate for Christmas - we are vacationing in early december so decorating for the Holidays should get done at the end of November, hopefully
  6. Put up Christmas Lights  - see above and before it gets too chilly! HAH let's see if the fiance helps with THIS! :)
  7. Maybe design christmas cards/gift for our family - Can't get into too much detail, don't want to give it away!
  8. Hardcore Black-Friday/Cyber-Monday shopping. BRING IT.
  9. Finish installing/making curtains for the bay window, hem the kitchen curtains, and do something about the closet in our room(no doors is getting to be an eye sore)
These are all things I could try to manage by myself(minus hanging outside Christmas Lights) without annoying the fiance to death while he finishes up this semesters work for his grad program.  I think it could be achievable! ~Positive Vibes~ ~Ommm~

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