Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New Year, New Goals

Did you all have as great a weekend as I did?   I totally meant to post this yesterday, but you know how that jerk life can be, he totally can get in the way and be all cool and say 'Hey, Katie, step away from the computer and do something fun' like go out to some sweet bar's with your man-friend in the snow, watch the Ravens win the Super Bowl (YAY!), and make some awesome quesadilla's which is exactly what I did this weekend and last night instead of blogging :)

I dove into the blogging thing in January, so I guess this could be considered a New years Resolution, but I'm not one for the typical "lose 20 lbs"(the perpetual goal) "Quit smoking"(don't do that) "Quit Drinking"(not happening) etc. But I have a problem.A big big problem.

Oh, I'm sorry did you not see that clear enough, let me zoom in for you:

Yeah that's right, 6,550 emails.  For someone as relatively neat as me, I have a big hoarding problem.  An email hoarding problem.  I wish I was exaggerating.  Momma done me wrong.  She taught me how to clean, to organize, to throw away, purge, but she did NOT teach me how to maintain a resonable working email inbox.  In my personal email inbox, I have over 6000 emails, and that's after a month of deleting emails as they come in and unsubscribing from catalog emails. It's disgusting.  But the problem doesn't stop there, oh no....

In my secondary account, 11,800.  Yea, that might be a lost cause.  Work email? 5,000. 

That's right.  Over 20,000 emails in total. It's completely ridiculous and completely overwhelming.  So welcome to my 2013 goal.  Maintaining an email inbox in ALL email accounts of less than 25.  Can I do it?  I have a year(well, 11 months) and 20,000 emails. that's basically 60 emails/day I need to organize or delete. I can do this!

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