Thursday, January 31, 2013

Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge!

This is officially my first link up party!  And I'm so excited!!  But also super nervous, so if you aren't my mom, Hi mom! And my Man-friend, Hi baby! Please feel free to click around and keep visiting, this place will be clearing up in no time and have a lot more cool posts(or so I think)  ;)

Last week, the lovely John and Sherry at Young House Love posted a little Thrift store challenge.  If you don't know them then 1) get out from underneath your rock and 2) check them out!  Here is their original challenge post!

By the way, I met them when they were on their book tour back in December and they were amazing!  So-so-so nice!  They totally supported starting up a blog and also John informed me that math was indeed 'sexy'!  You don't believe me?  He signed it in my book!  They are the coolest!
Sherry, Me, my friend, John
Anyways, back to the challenge.....

Have you seen Macklemore's new 'Thrift Shop Video'?  You haven't?  That's okay, me neither, not until about two weeks ago I saw it on another popular blog.  Check it out:

The challenge gave some very basic guidelines.  What was I SUPPOSED to do?  Go to a thrift store with 20 bucks, find some cool stuff, photograph it, use it in my place, etc(check out the deats back at YHL).  What did I do?  Well in typical-Me-fashion, I was given a week for an assignment and waited until the night before to even go to the store.  Ugh.  So after work I trudged over to the local goodwill...  But not with $20, I gave myself a $5 budget(give me a break, I'm paying off my car this month!) 

Please excuse the horrific cell-phone camera pictures!  Didn't think ahead enough to grab my good camera.

And found some interesting items...
A water stand that is cow themed to quench your thirst!

and a super creepy doll.

But I also found some winners too!
This elephant piggy bank was so cute!  Perfect for a little girls room (it was actually a lighter pink)

This bag was actually super cute!  London Fog!  I would have definitely gotten it if I wasn't already trying to empty my closet a bit.

And surprising finds!
An entire end cap dedicated to wedding stuff!  50 invitations for $1! Ring bearer pillows, garders!  There was everything!  Had to snap a picture!  My man-friend's sister is getting married soon so it was cute to see all this wedding stuff out!

After only 30 minutes in the store(most of that spent in line to check out) I went home with were these little guys.

 Three leaf dishes.  I'm planning on putting them places where I tend to take off my jewelry so I'm not just laying my things down on the table.  I think they are sweet and I've been on the look out for one for months.  How did I end up with three?  Simple, I couldn't make up my mind.  Total cost. 4.24.  I think that's pretty darn good.  The metal one on the right was $2, while the white and yellow were each $1.  Looking online, something similar can go for up to $30!! All they need is to be cleaned up! And I stayed under budget! And finished in time!  Momma would be proud!

Sneak peak of one in it's new home!

Awww yeah!!!!!  I'd say that is a success!

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  1. Great little dishes (well worth the wait in line). I especially like the one you have by your sink in the last photo.